Otto Vondrak


I cut through the clutter and visual noise to bring clear ideas to life. I have a range of experience from small companies to corporate giants. Having many responsibilities and managing them well comes second nature to me. In my current role as a magazine editor, I have the opportunity to meld my experience and produce publications that are compelling and rich.

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My lifelong interest in railroads and American history have helped open up many avenues of interest to me, including art and photography. As a result, I have been able to publish and share my work in a number of venues in print and online media. My photography is a solo expression of my passion for capturing the drama of modern railroading.

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How do you capture an idea and share it with others? Clear communication built on a foundation of passion. I enjoy writing stories that inform as well as excite. From snappy marketing copy to vibrant prose and in-depth feature stories, I enjoy bringing ideas to life in a creative, yet approachable way.

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Otto Vondrak.

I am a graphic designer, photographer, and author based in Rochester, New York.

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